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"Pioneer & Specialist in Development & Integration of Intelligent Fleet Management Solutions utilizing KENWOOD NEXEDGE Radio System."

Our most popular product - NEXTRAC enables our customers to solve complex challenges in managing their fleet of private vehicles, taxis, buses and lorries, including fishing vessels.

Our solutions can provide the hardware, tacking service, installation, system implementation, training and if required, customized programming to integrate to your existing solutions.

Our HQ office is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we have significant presence regionally, with partners in Singapore and the Philippines and sales representatives across most of the regional countries.Our product is fully developed in-house, through our experienced Research and Development team, enabling us to provide immediate support, customisations, integrations and troubleshootings to our customers.The NEXTRAC Solution has features that extend beyond conventional fleet tracking. Our product is designed to provide the best and effective state-of-art, ease-to-use and lowest cost of ownership to our customers.

Our Services

Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices allow for easy and accurate location of the vehicle in real-time 24/7 - be it corporate vehicles, delivery/cargo trucks and government or public transports.

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Asset/ Equipment Tracking

In an increasingly competitive market place, customers require improved levels of asset management while businesses demand improved asset utilization and return on investment.

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Fleet Management

It’s not easy operating a business when you need to track a fleet of vehicles. With fleet management you can look at reducing costs through optimisations and improved customer satisfaction.

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Individual Tracking

If you're looking to track the activities of your employees, family, or elderly people, these tiny battery operated GPS Tracking devices will let you know exactly where the person is.

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Our Products

Our asset tracking product (TRAILERTRAC) is a quad-band integrated platform that provides GSM/GPRS/GPS functionality for mobile asset monitoring. TRAILERTRAC is a battery-operated, ensuring long operation in non-powered mobile and fixed assets. The product is rated IP-67 and water resistant and capable of operating in all-weather conditions.

PROFLEET is our gps fleet tracking product. It has ability to track in real time, with data intervals as short as 10 seconds. The product is rich in features and can be customized to meet your stringent requirements. It also has a built-in internal battery allowing the product to operate on its own for up to 10 hours. It can be integrated with various sensors (RFID, temperature, impact and contact) and has its own built-in internal memory for storing data in the event of loss of network. PROFLEET also support multiple SIM cards, enabling tracking across multiple countries.

Our PTTRAC is small and lightweight, with battery powered lasting up to 5 days. The PTTRAC can be used to monitor elderly people, children, and even some large pets. It can be also used for covert and discreet monitoring. The versatility of the PTTRAC has made it very popular as a reliable personnel tracking device.